Barclays Personal Loan Application Online :

Barclays allows pre-qualified consumers to check their loan rate and apply for a Personal Loan online with a personalized invitation code. Checking your rate does not affect your credit score. And after application, if you are approved for a loan you will receive your funds in a few business days. Not only application, but Barclays also provides online service to the borrowers to check their application status as well as manage their loan account over the internet through the Barclays Personal Loan website.

Barclays Loan is an unsecured loan so the borrowers do not require any collateral like a home or a car. It is a flexible low-cost loan primarily offered to individual customers who demonstrate proven eligibility to handle their credits based on their income, credit history, and other factors. The loan will help them to consolidate a debt reducing the monthly payment to pay for a life event like a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, wedding, or a big purchase.

How to Apply for Barclays personal loan apply Online :

Barclays Personal Loan is an invitation-only offer exclusively for pre-selected customers to put them in control of their debt. Therefore, to apply for a Barclays Loan, you must have a unique Invitation Code that Barclays sent to you on the offer letter in the mail. If you are a recipient of any such Barclays Loan Invitation mail and decide to accept the offer, first, you have to check your rate. To start the process you can follow the steps given below.

  • Visit the specific address on your Barclays Loan mailer or go to
  • Enter your Invitation Code from the offer letter in the mail and your Last Name in their respective fields on the right-hand side of the page.

barclays personal loan apply

  • Click on the “Continue” button to check your rates.
  • Choose the terms according to your need and start the application
  • Upload your information and required documents and follow the prompts to complete the application.

To fill out the application, you need to provide some certain such as Name, Address, Contact Information, Social Security Number, Employment and Financial Background

After you submit your Barclays Personal Loan application, Barclays check your credit score and other information to your credit history to determine your creditworthiness.

Note that, checking your rate for Barclays Loan uses a soft credit inquiry not reported to the creditors or the credit reporting agencies. So, it won’t impact your credit history. But when you actually apply for the Barclays Loan, your credit score will be checked by a hard pull to gauge your creditworthiness that may affect your score.

How to Check Barclays Personal Loan Application Status Online

Upon submission of your Barclays Loan application, you may need to wait for a few days to receive your funds. In that period of time, as an applicant, you can view the progress on your loan by checking its status online. For that, you can

  • Visit the Barclays Loan Application page at
  • Click on the “Check My Application” link located at the top right corner of the page.
  • Enter the Reference Number, last 4 digits of your SSN, and mother’s maiden name in their specific fields.
  • Click the “Log In” button to set up your Barclays Loan Online Account and check the status of your loan application.

If you do not have the reference number provided during your Barclays Loan application, you will need to use the “Don’t have my reference number?” link below the login button. And, enter the following information to confirm your identity.

  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
  • And Zip Code

Once your loan is approved, Barclays will deposit your funds into a U.S. checking or savings account of yours in a few business days. You can also have your funds directly to pay off up to 5 credit card balances. Distributing the funds of your Barclays Personal Loan may delay based on the policies and procedures of your financial institutions.

How to Log In Barclays Personal Loan Online Account :

Barclays Loan borrowers can access and manage their loan account online through Barclays Secure Customer website from their computer or mobile devices at any time anywhere. For logging into your Barclays Loan Online Account, you can

  • Visit
  • Navigate to the ‘LOAN SIGN IN’ box at the right-hand side of the page.
  • Enter the username and password linked to your Barclays Personal Loan Account in their fields.
  • Check the “Remember username” box to speed up your login process on this website the next time.
  • Click on the locked secure “Log in” button.

Once logged in, you can check your Barclays Personal Loan balance, receive statements, make payments, set up automatic repeat payments, choose payment due dates, and many more.

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How to Recover Barclays Personal Loan Online Account Login Info

Can’t recall the username or password to log in to your Barclays Personal Loan Online Account? Click the “Forgot username or password?” link found at the bottom of the ‘LOAN SIGN IN’ box. Then, submit the following information to verify your identity.

  • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • And Primary Email Address

After identity verification to ensure that you are the right person to access your Barclays Personal Loan Online Account, you will receive the required instructions to retrieve your login credentials.

How to Pay Barclays Personal Loan Online

You can make your Barclays Personal Loan payments electronically by logging in to your Barclays Personal Loan Online Account at Barclays secure customer website. You can log in each month to pay the amount of your Barclays Personal Loan.

Or, you can sign up for automatic re-payments without any additional cost to pay off your Barclays Personal Loan. In that case, the payment amount will automatically be deducted from your chosen checking or savings account each month.

If you want to pay your Barclays Personal Loan faster and early, you can make pre-payment or pay more than the due amount each month.

For not making payment on time, your Barclays Personal Loan balance will accrue interest that may affect your total loan repayment amount.

Barclays Personal Loan Offers & Features

  • Barclays Personal Loan ranges from $5000 to $35,000 with a flexible payoff term of 36, 48, and 60 months
  • The current APR of Barclays Personal Loan is between 4.99% and 20.99%. The rates are fixed; do not change according to the prime rate.
  • Checking your rates will not affect your credit score.
  • No paper statements are available. You can view the statements, balance, payments, or transaction history by logging in to your Barclays Loan Account online.
  • You may change the payment due date but note that it may affect your monthly payment amount or final loan repayment.
  • There is no penalty fee for prepayment or late fees for missing the payment due date.

Contact Information

Barclays Loan General Inquiries Phone Number: 1-866-951-1416

Fax Number: 1-866-464-8526

Mailing Address:

Card services
PO Box 8801
Wilmington, DE 19899-8801

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