Best YouTube Tricks

Some YouTube Tricks You Should Know:

When it comes to social sharing websites, YouTube is often ignored in favor of sites like Facebook and Twitter. But YouTube has a lot of things to go for. Although Facebook is considered the largest social networking site in the world, YouTube has the second greatest reach after Facebook. Behind its parent company Google, it has the second biggest search engine.

There are a lot of things that you a do with YouTube that you might not well aware of. You can post videos, watch videos, or do both. However, you might not know that it has its virtual reality setting to view any video in 360 degrees. You can create a YouTube time link that brings viewers a special moment in the video.

In order to make the most out of YouTube, we have prepared a list of the lesser-known hacks, tips, and features YouTube has to offer.

  1. Turn a video into GIF:

Everyone loves GIFs, but they might not know how to make GIFs. You can easily create GIFs using a little YouTube URL trick.

To create a GIF from a YouTube video, you have to select a video to watch and find the video URL at the top of your browser. You have to add the word “gif” before the domain name. For example: “[your-video-tag].”

It will bring you to the website, where your video will be already uploaded and ready for editing. Then, there you see the menu option on the left-hand side with a timeline bar along the bottom of your YouTube video. There you can set the GIF duration, add captions, crop its frame, and more.

On the top right-hand side, click on the Create GIF and it will prompt you for a GIF title and set of tags. Then, you have to click on the Next option and you have a handy landing page from which you can share your new GIF. You should know that you can only download this GIF to an offline file by signing up with

  1. Create a YouTube time link to start a video at a certain point:

If you send someone a YouTube video and want them to point them to a specific moment, then you can try the YouTube time link. Instead of sending your friend a general video link, instruct them to fast forward to the 0.50-minute mark. You can send them a specific YouTube time link that starts the video at whichever time you want.

In order to start a link that starts a YouTube video at a certain time, you have to open YouTube first. Then choose a specific video and click on the share option, located on the far right of the video title. Then, in the window of options that appears, you have to check the box next to ‘Start At:’ and then type the time you want (in hours:minutes: seconds).

After that, you will see a tag add itself to the end of the generic YouTube link. You can simply copy that link and paste it wherever you like.

  1. Use the written transcript of a YouTube video:

YouTube automatically generates a written transcript for each video you upload to its website. If the users manually do not hide it from the viewers, then everyone can access that transcript.

There is a different situation where video transcripts can come in handy. For example, if you want to write down a quote from a YouTube video, then the pausing and typing, pausing and typing would make your board. Or maybe you want to find a specific section of a video, but don’t want to re-watch the whole thing to find it. With the help of a transcript, you can easily find information like this without doing it all by hand.

To use this feature, you have to open YouTube and press the More tab under the video title. Then, you have to choose the Transcript option from the drop-down menu. If you cannot see this option, that means the users have to choose to hide the transcript. You will get the transcript in a new module in the same window.

  1. Use YouTube to Get Free Transcriptions of Your Video and Audio:

YouTube automatically adds a transaction to your every video. However, if you are looking for a one-off transcription of an audio or video file and don’t want to pay, then YouTube’s built-in caption system is a good option to start with. You can always clean it up at any time you wish.

In order to get the automated transcription, you have to upload your video to YouTube. Then, open the video on YouTube’s website and tap on the More option under the video title. Then, you have to choose the Transcript option from the drop-down menu. You will get the transcript as a new module in the same window.

If you want an automated transcription for an audio file, then firstly upload your audio recording to YouTube using a service like TuneToTube. It will take around 2 to 30 minutes for YouTube to upload it. Then you can simply follow the instructions to get an automated transcription for a video, outlined above.

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  1. You can Create, Share and Collaborate on YouTube Video Playlists:

Like other video-sharing platforms, such as Spotify and iTunes, you can create the Playlist on YouTube. You can keep the playlists private or make them public by your choice. You can also share the playlist with your friends and family.

The playlists are useful for different types of users. You can create a list of cooking videos, education videos, etc.

In order to create a YouTube playlist on your desktop, you have to open YouTube and click on the account icon in the top right. There you have to click on the Creator Studio and then click on Video Manager on the left. Then, you have to choose the Playlists option. Click on the New Playlist on the top right and then choose whether you would like to keep it private or make it public.

If you want to create a playlist on your mobile device, then you have to click on this link for more information.

youtube tricks

To add a video to your playlist, you have to open a video and click on Add To option. Then check the box next to the playlist to which you would like to add it.

If you want to add a video to a playlist right from your Playlist page, simply click on the Add Video option under a YouTube video, and then either you can paste in a video URL, or choose a video from your uploads. Once you get the video you want to add, simply select the Add To menu from that video and it to the playlist.

If you turn on the ability to collaborate on the playlist option, then your friends can also contribute to your playlists. If you turn this option on, then anyone can add videos to that playlist.

  1. Save Videos for Later Watch:

On YouTube, you can easily save videos to a Watch Later playlist and then you can access those whenever you want. It operates just like a normal playlist, so the instructions are just like the provided steps. But you should know that you cannot invite others to collaborate on your Watch Later playlist.

To add a video on Watch Later playlist, you have to open a YouTube video and click on the Add To option. After that, you have to check the box next to the playlist you would like to add it to.

In order to access those videos, you have to go to the YouTube homepage and choose the Watch Later option from the left-hand side menu. From you can watch the videos that you have saved for later watch.

  1. How to Add a Card:

Using cards, you can advertise products used in your videos. If the users tap on the ‘i’ in the upper right-hand corner of a video, the cards will expand.

In order to add a card to your YouTube video, you have to go to the Video Manager, then tap on the Edit option. After that, you have to select the Cards option from the drop-down menu.

Then, you need to choose where within the video you want the card to appear. After that, you can simply tap the Add Cards drop-down menu to choose what you want to promote through the card. Then, you have to customize the content that will appear to view when they tap the ‘i’ while viewing your video.



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