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How to Fix the Roku Overheating Issue:

Roku Overheating Message is a warning for you on your television screen. This overheating issue can be hazardous for your device, TV, and also to your home. So, make sure that the streaming stick is not heated up.

Roku Overheating Message:

You can fix the Roku overheating message by unplugging the Roku stick and letting it cool down for a few minutes. Then, simply re-plug the stick back into your TV. For long use, you should go for an extender.

Roku Streaming:

In the streaming industry, Roku has made its name in a short amount of time. They offer world-class streaming with the help of them in the house-built operating system.

From the starting, the company has made considerable strides in the Internet entertainment industry. They planning to provide streaming in every country soon.

They have increased many folds in the last few years and now become one of the best ‘cord cutters’ available in the market.

Roku Overheating Reasons:

Sometimes, you may face Roku overheating warning. Nowadays, it has become a common problem and you should avoid making the device hot. Overheating your device may lead to bursts and can damage both the device and your television. These are some of the significant reasons for overheating:

  • The device operated from inside a closed box.
  • It might be near to your television.
  • If there is some heating instrument near it.
  • The electric point is very near to the Roku device.

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How Can You Confirm Roku Device Overheating?

You could be confused between normal heating and overheating. Whenever you use a device, it will heat up a bit. Regular heating is not a problem and you should ignore that. But, if it raises higher than normal, then you should take action. So, how can find out whether the device is overheating or not? To confirm this, you can follow these methods below:

  • Device Red Light: When your instrument gets overheated, the built-in mechanism will show you the RED light on your Roku devices. The red light indicates that your device has become too hot.
  • On-Screen Message: Whenever the TV stick becomes too hot, then you will get the warning message will be displayed on your television. In the warning message will see that Your Device is Overheating. Whenever you see this message, you should take action to fix the issue.
  • Manual Touch: You can manually touch the TV stick to check if it is overheated or not. By touching the device, you should decide if it is regular heating or overheating.

What is Roku Tempcheck:

If the device temperature rises too much, you will get the Roku Tempcheck message on your TV screen. We are well aware that every device has its pros and cons. The Roku Stick is not an exception. The Roku Tempcheck is an important parameter that you should not avoid. If you ignore the message, then the chances are that your device may not last long. It also makes sure that the normal temperature is maintained all the time.

So, if you continue using the Roku device, then you might get the Roku Tempcheck message on your screen. But, make sure to take immediate action to reduce the temperature.

How to Fix the Roku Stick Overheating Fox:

If the Roku Stick gets overheated, then the overheating message will appear on your screen. You should seriously take action to put the temperature down. It is not a technical issue, so you do not need a technician. If the temperature of your device raises, then you can fix it easily. It is quite easy to fix the overheating message and you can do it by yourself. You can choose the following methods to fix the issue:

  • Unplug the Device: In order to cool down your device, you have to unplug it from the power supply. After unplugging the device, you should allow it to cool down for half an hour.
  • Change Location: Now you can try by changing the location of your device. You can place your device where no other heating element is there near to it. Make sure to not place near any other device or power supply.
  • Re-plug the Device: When the device is cooled off, then simply connect it to the power cord and wait for the device to start again. If you do not see the red light, then your instrument has started and the issue is fixed.
  • Repeat: However, if you still see the red light, that means the issue is not fixed yet. In that situation, you should follow the first to third step again.
  • Use Extender: However, if your problem is not fixed, then you can take the advantage of an extender. By using an extender, you can place the Roku device far away from warm places. So, you can easily avoid the warming issue.

How to You Can Get Free Roku Extender:

If your device is getting the heating issue frequently, then try using an extender. Roku device users are limited to a particular space only. In that case, the extender helps to change the location of your stick.

Moreover, you can easily place your Roku stick as per your wish. Most importantly, you should know that the company itself provides the extender for free to its customers. In order to get a free extender, you have to follow these steps below:

  • Firstly, you have a visit to the Roku HDMI page by clicking on this link
  • A page will open on your screen and you have to fill it up.
  • You have to provide your name, email address, and your address.

free roku extender

  • You will require the serial number of the Roku stick. You will get the serial number back of the Roku streaming stick.
  • After submitting the form, your extender will be shipped to you immediately.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you will get the extender delivered to your home. We suggest that even if you are not getting the heating issue, still you should use the extender. Also, it does not cost any extra money, so you don’t have to worry about spending a few bucks more.

How Can You Avoid Roku Overeating Issue?

Overheating can cause several problems to your Roku device. It can even create a device blast if you do not identify the problem. So, you should follow these instructions to avoid the overheating issue:

  • You should not place your stick inside a closed compartment or in a cabinet. If it does not get the airflow, then your device may become hot even with normal use.
  • Always remember not to place the device on other devices such as receivers, routers, etc. Because those devices get heated early and if you put your Roku stick on them, it will get hot early than expected.
  • Make sure to keep your device away from direct sunlight. You should place your stick on an area that is not prone to direct sunlight.
  • While watching the TV, you should give your stick a cooling time. You should not use it continuously for a long duration like a full day. So, give your device some resting time in between if you plan to use it for a long period of time.
  • You should clean your Roku Streaming Stick every week. It will prevent dust from setting on the Roku stick.

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