How to Start a Lucrative Blog:

Since the coronavirus hit our shores, work from home became the new reality for millions of Americans. Many people have lost their job and some are lucky enough to have jobs that can be done remotely. This pandemic situation led many people to create a huge variety of online businesses. People are now learning how to work for themselves.

One of the best ways to earn money online is by starting a blog. Blogging was started as a way for the people to share their thoughts with whoever was interested. But quickly it became a lucrative business strategy. Blogs offer some sort of service, including advice, guides, or simply entertainment. So, more readers you have, more you will earn.

Create an Independent Website:

You must have to create an independent website. Create a basic blog with a WordPress domain. WordPress provides a simple platform for blogging, but you will require more than if you want it to be lucrative. You must have to use the more complex WorldPress.Org CMS.

Furthermore, you will require service for hosting a WordPress site. It will give you space on a service to get your website online.

To get the independent domain name, you will require to lay out some cash, but it is very affordable and the whole package shouldn’t cost much more than $3/month.

Find a Niche:

The so-called blogosphere has been incredibly crowded for years. Millions of people have created blogs on just about every topic you think of. This might be disheartening for many bloggers. You cannot guise of anything that hasn’t already been written.

So, in reality, to provide the original content, you need to narrow down what you are want to discuss. If you choose broad topics, such as technology or entertainment, there are thousands of websites that are already doing this.

Considering that are millions of people online, even niche topics can attract several readers. To reach enough people, your blog has to be lucrative, make sure that it is not lost among the behemoths.

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Actually, it is quite easy to make money from your blog. To earn money, you must have to install Google AdSense. Google will be targeted ads on your website and pay you for visitors who click through.

You can choose affiliate marketing to promote your products. Make sure that, these products are related to the field you are blogging about. If you make your readers to believe that you are only recommending products you believe in, then they click on the product and make a purchase and you will get your commission.

The more readers you can attract, the more money you can earn, as a significant proportion of them will click through.

Creating a lucrative blog is one of the major consistent way to make money online. You could be successful in these difficult times.


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