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How to Fix Discovery Go App is Not Working:

Discovery Go is a well-known entertainment channel that broadcast science-related programs for adults and kids. If you already have subscribed to any of the Pay TV services, such as DirectTV, Fios, Verizon, or Xfinity, then you access Discovery Go for free. They have many programs on their website. You can monitor them on your computer if you like to watch the shows.

What to Do If Discovery Go is Not Working:

If the Discovery Go app is not working, then you can follow these instructions below:

Uninstall and Remove:

Uninstalling an app on your computer is the best option to fix the problem. You have to restart your computer and then reinstall the program and check if it is working or not.

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Check Network Connection:

Make sure that your computer is wired to the Internet and the service is activated. In order to fix the internet problem, you can simply restart your connection.

Check for App Updates:

Make sure to check that you are using the updated version of Discovery Go. If there is an available update, they should do it.

Check TV Provider:

If you cannot sign into the Discover Go, then check that your TV provider allows you to or that they offer Discovery in their lineup.

Sometimes contracts change and channels get dropped. It can be an error of the provider’s app. For that, you can contact the TV service provider or search on your provider’s website for the answer.

Locked Shows on Discovery Go:

If there is a key/lock icon on your shows on Discovery Go, then you must have to sign in with your TV provider credentials to watch.

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